Rod Stewart Tribute by Bob Wyper (c)2016    

All the greatest hits in a fabulous solo concert... 
the fun and charisma of Rod Stewart himself...    

01563 527549

The ultimate Rod experience

A Rod Stewart concert is more than just the music... it's a combination of all the costumes, the stories and the movement which go to define Rod's character.

Bob's knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject are obvious from the way that he portrays Rod Stewart in this fascinating presentation to fans old and new.

The unique show that emerges from all this research and rehearsal makes it highly sought after in the UK and in venues around the world.

Bob has been booked for golf clubs, casinos, hotels, social clubs, football clubs and international venues in Cyprus, France &  Abu Dhabi as well as on cruise ships.

The variety of Rod's singalong and dance hits makes this an enjoyable evening for all ages from 18 to 80 and beyond, with well-known rock, pop, soul and Motown classics.

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01563 527549

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